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Who We Are

We are a brave collective of creatives and companies that makes remarkable work. We are uniquely positioned to be nimble enough to cut bureaucracy while punching heavier than our weight class. With personal immersive collaboration and process driven design, we provide tailored branding and storytelling content through web, video, photo, print and social mediums. We create compelling interest and drive traffic and sales for start-up brands to global agencies. Whether you need a slight adjustment or a complete overhaul, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.


Brand Strategy icon

Brand Strategy

We start by striping things down to their true essence. We dig deep to discover the integrity and character of the brand, identifying any problems along the way. 



    - Research, Discovery & Analysis

    - Brand Strategy & Positioning

    - Brand Visioning      






        Value Proposition


Brand Identity icon

Immersive Brand Identity

With our collected data, we dive into our skill sets, vast knowledge, and experience to customize and deliver a personalized solution.




    - Identity systems 

    - Identity guideline program

    - Brand touch point audit and assessment

    - Product and packaging design language 

    - Corporate Stationery

    - Brochures and Collateral Templates

PowerPoint Presentations and Templates

Trade Show Booth Design and Production

Print and Digital Advertising

Email Marketing and Communications

Brand Videos and Brand Books

Content creation icon

Content Creation

These solutions come to life in an integrated campaign, becoming greater than the sum of its parts.




    - Concept Development and production

    - Photo, Video, Animation and Copy

    - Social media strategy, design

    - Website Design and development 

    - Print and online advertising


My name is Sako Shahinian

Sako Shahinian is the principle artist designer behind Iron Ladle with a multi disciplinary background. He believes good design with purpose can bring positive change to the world. Born in Beirut Lebanon to Armenian parents and raised in Los Angeles, Sako has learned how distill complex identities in to simple stories.

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A strategic partner

Meet Ara Soudjian from Friendly Filmworks

Whatever your brand needs in video production, L.A.-based Friendly Filmworks offers award-winning talent and rapid turnaround. And as our name states, we deliver with enthusiasm.

Led by filmmaker Ara Soudjian, who has 20 years of experience in film and video production, the Friendly Filmworks team includes film-school- educated directors, producers, writers, and other creative professionals. We can also help you cast the perfect actors and voiceover artists to bring your production to life.

We Tell Your Story In 120 Seconds Or Less.

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