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LAFC | Armenian Heritage Night

Collaboration between Los Angeles Football Club and artist Sako Shahinian.

LAFC Header_edited.jpg

Special thanks to 

Ara Soudjian and Pat Aviles 

Photo credits Ruben Chairez & Edgar Garibay

As a fan of the sport, we always admired the LAFC for celebrating the values that we hold close to our hearts. It's an honor to collaborate with the club, its larger family and community.

Being an Armenian in LA means being constantly humbled and shaped by the city's size and diversity, while having a unique voice that leaves a mark on the fabric of this vibrant city.

LAFC PIC 1.jpg

Representing the march 

Shavo Odadjian proudly representing the Armenian Heritage night merchandise.

With the instigator 

Sako Shahinian with Ara Soudjian.

"Ara has been a great friend, a business partner and an overall good human being.  The visionary and the force behind the event"

LAFC PIC 3.jpg
LAFC PIC 2.jpg

Little Armenia

Ara Soudjian, Garen Mirzaian, Sako Shahinian and Elo Shahinian.

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